I am originally from Alicante, Spain, which is where I trained, but I have spent the past 20 years working almost exclusively in the UK, mostly in Oxford & London. I have also worked and lived in Bermuda and Costa Rica, Thailand & Vietnam.

Overall, I have over 25 years experience in the hospitality catering industry; often consulting restaurants, and across a range of operations from basic to fine dining settings all around the globe.

As a chef, I adapt my style to suit my clients and I have a wide range of skills. In the kitchen, I am used to leading brigades of up to 12 chefs and also working on my own – I have high personal standards, I am professional, organised, with high attention to detail and good people skills. Even at times of high pressure I am quick on my feet and demonstrate sensible reactions thus creating calm among the team whilst providing excellent service. I feel confident in saying that I am capable of handling any situation with professionalism, thoughtfulness and maturity. I have enjoyed running cooking classes in the past.

Outside work, I enjoy cooking, diving & climbing, new technologies, travel - and anything I can pick up from people, books, travel experiences or online concerning gastronomy. I also enjoy socialising and I think I am amazing at dancing!